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This is how I did it:

Brand new labyrinth is an easy maze, you simply pull new gray container regarding base best spot to reach the top left.

Exit the area and you will double straight back getting a beneficial cutscene toward guide becoming stolen

Directions Up to the first junction – left – all the way down – left to the first junction – up – right – up to the first junction – up once – left – and finally up The completion of this puzzle opens the left side of the desk where the Book of Apologies is. under an elusive AW lock.

Once meeting Olivia, look at the urban area behind the fresh new phase to find the art gallery and you will communicate with Teegan totally

On the trees, adopting the thief escapes, see the surface thoroughly, just take planes solution stub and you will AW key. Second Nancy gets a call of Deirdre Shannon, in need of assist in Salem (HINT: the 2 circumstances is actually linked!)

Following the cutscene, escape the automobile and go into the house with Deirdre, fulfill both Teegan and you will Mei Parry. Cam the convos with all emails.

Go out that have Deirdre and you will enter urban area. See the fresh new wonders inform you on square, up coming keep in touch with Olivia.

She will give you a ticket for Olivia’s notice-guided witch tour. New towns of one’s witchtour has actually symbolic of a good raven standing on a branch, covered with a group. Two of the towns and cities have been in the fresh new museum (The fresh Done Souls Of Salem Witch Samples clover dating plaque toward wall surface plus the lady puritan sculpture in the middle of the brand new room); a person is in the pub throughout the square, and also the rest are all throughout the cemetery.

If you want to complete the game’s optional jack-o-lantern puzzle, you make them here at Teegan’s desk. There are twelve candles scattered throughout the town. Jack-O-Lantern Cities 1.) Museum – Left side of Teegan’s desk, next to the flyer stand 2.) Town Square – Roger Conant Statue 3.) Town Square – Olivia’s Stage 4.) Town Square – Haystack across from the courthouse 5.) Town Square – Courthouse Stairs 6.) Cemetery – Big tree in the center 7.) Cemetery – Praying statue at the Unknown Graves 8.) Parry House – Window in Nancy’s room 9.) Parry House – Kitchen Counter 10.) Parry House – Front Steps

11.) Luminous Infusions – Counter (Note: this cannot be over until immediately after Nancy fits Lauren) twelve.) Hathorne Family – Left of one’s carriage Family steps (building to the left away from Hathorne Family)

Go back to the town rectangular, and provide the fresh new pass Teegan offered you to definitely Olivia. A capsule might possibly be set in Nancy’s index. To look at this new tablet, correct mouse click they; for action for the a hotspot throughout the trip, simply click they regarding the list to have it become the fresh new mouse cursor and then click with the raven symbol.

Salem Sinkholes – Law enforcement cordoned area just before Olivia’s stage (roadway closed signs). To arrive at the latest raven symbol, bypass including you’re this new museum, change,

Implicated Witched Memorial – This option is in the museum: When you enter into this is the plaque to the right wall structure called The latest Performed Souls Of your own Salem Witch Trials

Little Independence Sculpture – Several paces to the cemetery, there clearly was a sculpture off a woman with childres (off to the right-hands front try etched AW)

Immediately following doing Olivia’s witch tour, check out the courthouse to get to know Judge Danforth. Through to typing, change correct and you can go ti the fresh new signed brownish door. Click on the home to talk to the brand new court (from the doorway) fully.

Change and you can visit the doorway reverse (you can view the fresh bluish wall structure from the Judge’s doorway). This is actually the lawyer, Alicia Cole’s place of work. She’ll give Nancy a good paperclip, come back to the fresh new Legal and request consent to choose his secure, Correspond with your totally.